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The third and fourth game cycles (back-to-backs) ... to game 44 are now available for lineup entry!
The third and fourth cycles of games are now up and available for entry (up to game 44). I also set transactions to sort by most recent first so that the latest ones appear immediately on page one and go in reverse order of date. Thanks ... Gordon

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Trade Disputes Empty Trade Disputes

on Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:41 pm
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Trade Disputes Empty VBs - Killer Bees Trade

on Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:44 pm
to Killers
F- Eriksson Ek MIN $0.25
F- Perry ANA $1.25 $1.50 $ 1.75
F- Pominville BUF $0.25
F- Ho-Sang NYI $1.00

to Bombers
F- Wheeler WPG $4.00 $4.75 $ 5.5.50

Wheeler had 91 points last season and that would normally be a $14.00 value however he has only hit that mark once in his career and we don’t value players on their best ever season but rather their last 3 seasons in which case Wheeler treated as an 80 point forward. Looking at schedule and goal assist ratio Wheeler is light on goals for an 80 point player so we drop him to the equivilant of a “normal” 75 point forward or $9.00 value.. That gives Wheeler a $5.00 + $4.25 + $3.50 + after contract residual value of $1.75 totaling $14.50 above contract value

Pominville is a cut - $0 value
HoSang is an average prospect given his AHL numbers and is fully priced at $1.00 so 0 value
Ericsson Ek is a good prospect having played a full season in his 3rd NHL year of eligibility we rate him as $1.50 in the draft giving him a value of $1.25 + $1.00 + $0.75 plus $0.50 residual = $3.50 above contract
Cory Perry was the ropic of some debate he’s a 50 point forward which would make him worth $3.00 but since Ana has a chronically bad schedule he was dropped to $2.50 giving him a $1.25 + $1.00 + $0.75 plus a $0.25 residual value totalling $3.25

That gives us $14.50 vs $6.75 - the trade is overturned and is probably not as close as these numbers indicate sine no one would keep Cory Perry through the draft
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